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(The Fightins commenter kenga is today’s photoshop winner)

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With one out in the 2nd inning, Troy Glaus sent an 0-1 pitch from Roy Halladay deeeep to center field over the head of gold glover Shane Victorino for what looked to be his second home run in as many nights.


What Troy didn’t realize was that Roy Halladay doesn’t give up runs, and Shane Victorino loves to torment Braves fans. Add it up, sucker, it’s simple math.

Now watch:

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Keep your eye on the baseball…

Hey, pinball face — LOOK OUT!

That ball missed the poor woman’s baby by about an inch. Pay attention, lady!

For the record, we here at The Fightins don’t necessarily like seeing people get hurt during baseball games, but when it does happen, we feel it’s our duty to record and upload the clip to YouTube.


I NEED YOUR HELP: Hey, if you happened to DVR tonight’s Phillies/Braves game on ESPN (NOT Comcast or the ATL feed), please e-mail me at meech[dot]one[at]gmail[dot]com. It’s kind of important.

Todd Zolecki just blew my mind, maaan: In his first four starts with the Phillies, Roy Halladay is 4-0 with a 0.82 ERA. Cliff Lee’s first four with the Phils? 4-0, 0.82 ERA. I know, I know — enough with the Cliff Lee talk, but that’s just creepy! [@ToddZolecki]

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During his day off on Monday, just prior to taking off for a flight to Atlanta, Phillies slugger Ryan Howard made a pit stop at the Nottingham Elementary School in Oxford, PA to be the “mystery reader” in his girlfriend Krystle Campbell’s classroom.

You remember Krystle, right? She’s the Eagles cheerleader/elementary school teacher who accompanied Ryan to a Super Bowl party in Miami this past January. Well, apparently, these two kids are still an item, otherwise I highly doubt Ryan would make time in his busy schedule to go visit an ex-girlfriend of his in Oxford, PA.

Anyway, according to our super-sexy spy in Chester County, Meghan O’Connor (the story has since been CONFIRMED by the school secretary), Ryan arrived at Nottingham Elementary mid-morning and read a book to his girlfriend’s 2nd grade students. Afterward, Ryan even hung around for a while and played kickball with the kids at recess. How cool is that?

I mean, the closest I ever got to a celebrity visiting my grade school was Brushy The Clown.

After the jump, check out Ryan’s girl working it out for the Eagles cheerleader judges earlier today…

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Hurry back, J.C.: This is good, because the Phillies bullpen could really use a guy who can get people out — “I’m ready,” said Romero, who is recovering from elbow surgery. “I’m ready, but I just work here. He’s the boss. Honestly, I’m not looking forward to keep driving around. But I have to do what I have to do.” [Inquirer]

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Obviously a bit perturbed by his teammates getting all the top endorsements, Ryan Madson topped ‘em all last week when he appeared in the weekly circular ad for Best Buy’s worst nightmare, Gerhard’s Appliances, now with 5 locations in the Delaware Valley to serve you better! Not only that, but if you were one of the lucky ones who saw it a week ago, you could’ve gone to Gerhard’s newest location on Grant & the Boulevard in the Northeast and met Ryan Madson while you were perusing their large selection of electronics & appliances.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t on the ball and failed to give youse the heads up, but the good news is, I secured a copy of the circular. Kindly click below for a .pdf of it:

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Charlie Manuel managed a portion of the ballgame with his hands rested comfortably in crotch area:

Tell ‘em The Fightins dot com sent ya: Beat writer extraordinaire for, Todd Zolecki, will be at the Borders on South Broad St. in Center City from 11:30a – 1:30p this afternoon. If you haven’t picked up the book yet (shame on you!), now’s your chance to do so. If you have it already, take it down and meet the man in person. Just don’t bring your lady friend, because Todd will take her from you with NO remorse. [The Zo Zone]

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