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A lotta shit went down today involving the Phillies. Let’s take a look, shall we?

  • WFC hero Eric Hinske helped the Bravos beat the Phillies 5-4 today, with a leadoff homerun in the 9th off closer-extraordinaire Ryan Madson. The win gave the Braves a 2-1 spring series win over the Phillies, meaning they will once again finish second or third in the NL East. Luckily, Ryan won’t have to be our closer again at any point this year, amirite?
  • No. The Phillies named Madson their closer to start the season this morning, while Brad Lidge is on the DL. But it shouldn’t affect our fun at Home Opener #1 in Washington next week, because Roy Halladay is pitching against the Washington Nationals.
  • The Nationals-Phillies season opener in D.C. April 5th will also feature our President,David Mont Barack Obama throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. It marks the 100th anniversary of a US President throwing out an MLB first pitch, the first being W.H. Taft in 1910. The big question: who will it be thrown to?
  • Well, that might just end up being former 33-year-old rookie Chris Coste. Just about 12 hours after being waived by the Mets, which might be the biggest cockslap to the face in history, the Nats signed him after Jamie Burke tore a meniscus in his knee. Yes, Ivan Rodriguez and Wil “Where the fuck is the other ‘l’, you douchebag?” Nieves will be ahead of him on the roster. But Chris Coste rocks!
  • It’s officially Paint The Town Red week in Philadelphia! I dunno what the fuck you’re supposed to do, so I’m just gonna do as it says. And you should too. Get’chur red paint and a brush, and paint whatever building you want! It’s what the mayor wants you to do.

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I was doing a little late-night goodie-surfing, and, shockingly, Google News give me the goods. The Toronto Sun’s great Bob Elliott just made us all jealous as shit, and lived a day in the spring life of Roy Halladay.

Knowing his fellow Blue Jays fans miss Roy about as much as we miss CBP in the winter, he followed Doc around the Phils’ Clearwater spring training complex Tuesday, and he chose himself one helluva day. I’ll post a few of my favorite quotes here, but make sure you check out the entire article HERE.

8:30 AM…Halladay repeats the saying how a starter is assured five good and five bad starts … it’s what he does in the other 25 which determines how good he is.

8:50 AM…A shy young righty named Jesus Sanchez approaches. “Sir, you said after a bad start to concentrate on one thing, what if nothing is working?” Halladay gives a six-minute answer.

11:45 a.m…Halladay comes out to run 12 poles. He jogs to the first gap, sprints to the other gap and walks to the foul line. He repeats. …“I can beat him in running,” says an almost embarrassed Mathieson, “not at any of that other stuff. He kicks my butt. He kicks everyone’s butts.” …Halladay confirms Antonio Bastardo, Yohan Flande and Mathieson left him half a poll behind in the two-mile run.

I fucking love Roy Halladay.

Also on Tuesday, during the Mariners-Angels Cactus League scrum, the Halos’ Jeff Mathis hit a towering shot to right field, one that caught Ichiro Suzuki by surprise. But no worries, Hercules had it covered. A must-see-catch-of-the-year candidate that will definitely hold up throughout the season. If he makes the catch a foot closer to the wall, it’s like Willie Mays and Aaron Rowand had a highlight baby.

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Yesterday evening, on 97.5 The Fanatic (Philadelphia’s only FM sports station, yada yada yada), defender of Eagles honor Mike Missanelli had a sit down with Cole Hamels down in the FLA. For the most part, they talked about baseball (BOOOO-RRIIIINGGG), like the progress of his cutter, to “give me the upperhand again”. He also went on to say (about his changeup), ”This year i’m definitely not going to…try to go to that pitch as much, just to try to make it a little more of a challenge for myself”. Because he didn’t have enough challenges to overcome last year, amirite?

Anywho, in the waning moments of the chat, they get into a topic that has little to do with baseball, which is why it is on this site. That would be the NCCA Men’s Basketball Tournament bracket pool the Phillies players and staff are taking part in. It was a pull-out-of-the-hat draw, 5 teams per person. Cole had the pleasure of choosing Marquette, Clemson, Texas, and Kansas State; 3 of which (not Kansas State), lost in the first round. He also drew Arkansas Pine-Bluff, the winner of the play-in game. They got punk’d in the first round by Duke as well, but Cole still made 200 bucks by having the last place team in the tournament. 200 bucks for last place? Does winner get $200,000,000? Cole thinks it’s fun:

It’s just fun. It’s a fun way to get us all together, y’know, hootin’ and hollerin’, and, y’know, kind of, giving them a trash talking.

You think he’s ever around Charlie Manuel?

Sadly, they don’t talk about any other participants, but Cole also said he expected Kansas  to win it all.  I’m presuming this was recorded before the Jayhawks lost in the second round to Northern Iowa (which this autistic kid predicted correctly, along with every other game so far). So, Cole Aldrich, Cole Hamels and an autistic child jinxed you. Please don’t beat either of them up.


Thanks, FTM.

Hi everyone, here. As a thanks from us to you for making The Fightins the most voted for Phillies site in The Phield’s Ultimate Phillies Blog Tournament, we have set up a Yahoo! account for a Sweet 16 tournament where the winner will receive a copy of Todd Zolecki’s super book, “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Heart-Pounding, Jaw-Dropping, and Gut-Wrenching Moments From Philadelphia Phillies History.”

All you have to do is follow this link to the The Fightins tourney page, (group ID# is 18615) type in the password ‘anyonebutduke’ and make your picks.  If your selections are more precise than everyone else who entered, you win the book. 

It’s just that easy.

And keep voting for us in the upcoming rounds, only at The Phield.

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The field at Citizens Bank Park, used for the first 6 seasons of the park, was replaced after the World Series this past October. And per a Daily News report, and they want us to have the old one. Details on the sale, which is going on now:

The Phillies said the grass has been sectioned into 3 inch-by-3 inch pieces, freeze-dried, preserved and displayed in a UV-glass case with a photo of the field and highlights of the ballpark. Cost is $79.99 for outfield or infield sections, or $119.99 for a piece of the painted Phillies logo section from behind home plate during the postseason. The logo pieces have been numbered from 1 to 2009.

Its first game will be the April 2nd exhibition vs. the Buccos, which perfectly lines up with the preview of the 3 hot dog choices at CBP on April 2nd and 3rd. So check out the new sod, and be a part of Phillies hot dog history.

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From Inquirer Insider Michael Klein (and to my eyes from the boys at The 700 Level), the Phillies are letting are foodie voices being heard.

We, the fans, have the honor and the privilidge (see what I did there?), of choosing Citizen Bank Park’s signature hot dog. I have not been this excited for baseball since Roy Halladay’s first start, and that’s saying something. We have three delicious, delicious ‘dogs to choose from. I suggest clicking the link in the first line of this post for Michael Klein and checking out the photo of all 3, because, my god, they all look great. Your choices:

The South Philly, an all-beef topped with broccoli rabe, spicy roasted peppers, and sharp provolone on an Italian roll? The Olde Philadelphia, with pepper hash, dill pickle, and yellow mustard on a poppy-seed roll? Or the Citizens Bank Park Summer Hot Dog, which has cucumbers, pickled onion salsa, and ancho pepper sauce on a pretzel roll?

Now, from the opinions I’ve seen, it looks like The South Philly is an early favorite. But I’m making an official push (signed: fuckthemets) for The Olde Philadelphia. Pepper hash? Dill pickle? POPPY SEED ROLL? It’s like a dream come true. Honestly, though, they all sound delicious, and will obviously be overpriced, but who cares? As much as I don’t want to be like Boston, LA, or Chicago, this is a great idea that I will happily dismiss the extra poundage gained this summer.

Update: Once again per Michael Klein, voting has opened! This could effect your summer experience, so give it a shout.

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Just a few weeks after learning our beloved Scott Lauber was leaving his post as Phillies beat writer at the Wilmington News Journal, for Red Sox beat writer at The Boston Hearld, two more scribes are leaving their Philadelphia nests. Andy Martino of Phillies Zone, and phillyBurbs’s (and my favorite Intelligencer sports writer growing up) Mike Sielski are moving to the (gulp) New York Mets beat.

The Delco Times’s Ryan Lawrence has the beat and the funny (this is major points in the beat-off, right, Tug?):

So, yes. Another couple Phillies writers gone, to the Journal and NY Daily News. And as much as it sucks to know that they’ll be writing in New York, for the cot damn Mets, it’s a great chance for both, and we should be happy for them. And the blow is a little softer, because semi-newbies Matt Gelb and the aforementioned Mr. Lawrence are doing a fine job themselves, as you can tell from the beat-off. They have yet to pull off a Sarge fedora like Martino, though. Yet.

In other, more uplifting news, the next 5 Phillies games (if this goes up before 1 o’clock Satuday), are on TV! (Another big-ups to Ryan Lawrence for noting this beautiful little television statistic).

Today’s (Saturday’s) game against the Tigers is on MYPHL17, featuring Doc Halladay. Sunday vs the O’s is on CSN/MLB Network, Monday vs the Damn Yankees is on ESPN, Tuesday vs the Rays is on TCN (aka CN8), and Wednesday vs the Bravos is, once again, on ESPN. All games are at 1:05.

Ladies and Gents, baseball!

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Who here thought it could get any worse for Lenny Dykstra? …(quiet enough that Jamie Moyer could hear a pin drop)…Well give yourselves a proverbial pat on the back! It’s been awhile since we checked up on ol’ Nails, so let’s sift through some of the latest wreckage.

A week ago, The Huffington Post reported a shockingly non-publicized story about Dykstra being sued for sexual harassment by a former employee. The document, originally obtained by The Smoking Gun, says Lenny called “Estate Manager/Personal Assistant” Jacqueline Massaro (whom he just hired) to drive 3 hours to his estate in Woodland Hills, CA. He was apparently drunk upon *his* arrival at 1 am, which was an hour after his assistant arrived. From The Gun:

When he got there, Dykstra, 47, yelled at her to get to work. Since it was nearly 1 AM, Massaro asked, “what he could possibly want her to do.” Dykstra, who played 12 Major League seasons and won a World Series championship with the New York Mets, then told Massaro to get the “fuck out of my house, it’s not going to work out, just leave.” Massaro contends that when she went to her room to pack for the return trip to San Diego, Dykstra came into the room and said, “So, you have nowhere to go, give me a blow job and you can stay the night.”

Massaro claims he then grabbed her breasts and pushed her onto the bed.  She screamed, then ran out of the house, presumably sans luggage, and drove back to San Diego. Some really, truly horrible stuff that, if true, that Met-born doucher should pay for. But because there’s literally been no coverage of this case, anywhere, I remain cautious in terms of it going too far.

Much more Nails-like,  Manhattan Style reported Thursday that The Dyke is suing JP Morgan for 100 million dollars for predatory lending. 100 million dollars.  You see, when he bought his 17.5 million dollar mansion, JP apparently promised him full financing. But that’s not what happened, according to Lenny.

…(Lenny) feels that he was duped by Washington Mutual, now owned by JP Morgan, into buying the home because he was promised 100% financing. At the last minute he claims the bank reneged and would only lend him 12.5 million, and he was forced to find secondary financing on the property. The inability to pay the interest on the two loans, coupled with the housing crisis forced Dykstra into a spiral of selling his remaining assets, most notably his interest in his car washes.

And as the article goes on to question, why the FUCK did he buy a 17.5 million dollar house on a claimed 1.2 million/year salary? Did he really love Wayne Gretzky that much? It was The Great One that unloaded his Sherwood CC home on him over 2 years ago.

So, does the suit come in response to the sexual assault allegations, to (successfully) change focus? Does he want the extra money to pay bail, pay for lawyers, or settle with Jacqueline Massaro out-of-court? Or is it just a culminating suit to shit on the financial ‘guru’ that trusted him enough to give him a daily spot in his online newspaper, Jim Cramer?  Well, we only know one thing, and we’ve known it for awhile: Lenny Dykstra is screwed.

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Fresh from’s Insider Michael Klein, Phillies legend Roy Halladay has bought a 1.66 acre property in Newtown Square (I used to have orchestra practice there!), in the vicinity of Cole and Heidi’s year-old house on West Chester Pike. It’s believed to be worth $2,288,500, according to the Delaware County books.

Welcome to the area, Roy. We’ll be sure to stalk you.

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The Phils and Fish played the first game of their 2009 series on April 24th of that year, with the Marlins sitting in first in the NL East, 4 games ahead of the 3rd place Phillies. I don’t know about you, but even 16 games into the season, I thought this first series would set an important tone for the rest of their head-to-head season. And I was…wrong. The series ended tied 9-9. But in terms of the Phils’ overall season, the 9th inning of the first game proved to be a big wake up call.

After a 3-run homer by Dan Uggla in the top of the first against Ed Wade loverboy Brett Myers (a play in which current Brian Bocock loverboy Ross Gload scored on), there was 8 innings of pitching dominance and boringness from young Marlins ace Josh Johnson. But Brett and the bullpen kept the team in it, not giving up any more runs.

Matt Lindstrom jogged in for what should have been an easy save with the way the Phillies were playing, but there was a weird vibe as the team realized Matt Lindstrom was pitching. But the last chance for the Phils started depressingly enough, with The Big Piece grounding out to the aforementioned Dan Uggla (not to overload here, but another loverboy)  at second. But Jayson Werth (circa BB 2009) hit a one-out double to center, followed by a RAUUUUUUL walk. First-half sensation Matt Stairs got the scoring going with a single to right, scoring Werth and making it a 3-1 game. Lou Marson then walked to load the bases for… Eric Bruntlett to strikeout on 3 pitches!

But Bruntlett doing his thing actually helped the team, as Marlins skipper Fredi Gonzalez was confused into thinking Matt Lindstrom was still effective. This allowed Jimmy Rollins to walk, forcing in RAUUUUL to make it 3-2. And as everybody in the stadium but Fredi knew, Matt Lindstrom was in Broxton-like “this guy’s going to lose this game” mode. So of course, Shane Victorino came through with a pond-clearer to right that put the Fightins up 6-3, and to add insult to injury and destroy Lindstrom’s ERA even more, Chase Utley went backsies with Shane down the right field line to end the scoring, 7-3. Gonzalez gained some sense, put in Reynel Pinto, and, after allowing Howard and Werth on base, got RAUUUUL to strike out swinging. Ryan Madson got the save.

The Phillies went on to win 8 out of 10 (albeit with a 2-game losing streak consisting of the Nationals and Mets to split 4 game winning streaks), and Shane was relieved he didn’t have to get hit in the ribs to get the run in.

“I said, ‘OK, let me not get hit in my ribs, but somewhere else,’” Victorino said. “I’m just trying to get a hit, walk, whatever.”

Good times, Shane. Good times.

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The highlight of the Phils’ first Spring Training game today, other than Doc Halladay completely pwning Yankee ass, would be this graphic shown during the ridiculously boring middle innings today.

From the looks of this wonderful comparison of two aces in action, it looks like baseball is going to be fucking awesome on CSN (or Xfinity SportsNet at some point during the regular season) once again. I actually really enjoyed the Doc, Forehead, and Kendrick interviews from the booth boys today. The radio boys seem to be in mid-season form as well.

(pic via our very own Chris; UPDATED pic in crispy 1080px width via @dhm)

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