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8:05PM EST on PHL17


Phillies (but he plays for “the other team”): Coal Hammels (Too Many – Not Enough) ERA: Too high

Astros: The best young lefthanded pitching prospect in baseball, JA Happ

Considering how bad Oswald was last night, this is the single most important game in Ruben Amaro Jr’s career as Phillies GM. Tonight will bleak realization of the present versing the bright future that could of been if he stuck with a young future ace with tons of upside instead of Hammels, who can’t win when it matters and constantly quits on the team. After running multiple computer simulations and crunching the numbers, including the intangibles not reflected by statistics, and they lead towards JA Happ pitching at least a complete game shutout. Trusting my gut, I say he probably throws a perfect game, depending on whether or not he has to verse Future Hall of Famer Raul Ibanez. Amaro will probably break down and cry after the game, realizing the error of his ways. In honor of JA Happ, I expect civil, educated discussion in the comments tonight. No shenanigans, hootenanny or tomfoolery will be tolerated!

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